Wrangler Cargo Pants

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a pair of Wrangler Cargo Pants from Amazon. The reason for this is I wanted pants with more pockets. One of the reasons of this is my phone goes in one of my pockets, and nothing else. Considering I don’t put anything valuable in the back pockets – this left me with one pocket left for everything else. This forced me to have to go in and out of my back pack just to do basic errands. Read more “Wrangler Cargo Pants”


If I was you, I would avoid this company as if they were the plague. I bought 5 cargo pants from them. I ordered priority shipping. It took them more than 2 weeks to get to me, and when they got to me, the pants were slightly tight (willing to accept), and a zipper broke. When I wrote to them requesting an RMA and stated my two problems, I got an email showing me the size chart which does not address the broken zipper. They offered to mail another pair of pants, but if they can’t do quality control on their items before they shipped, I still requested for an RMA. I waited for almost a week before writing this post.

As for the cargo pants, I am likely to spend a little more, and just buy from Amazon. I am terribly disappointed in the quality of support, and the quality of their products. I am writing this post to hopefully help other people avoid this issue with the company. I don’t think that thedase.com could do anything to resolve their issues with me. If they can’t fix it before writing this post, I don’t see what they can do to allow them a second chance.