Macally Bluetooth Keyboard

About a week ago (as of 2024-02-22), I been using a keyboard that I had to buy to replace my original Apple Keyboard that came with my iMac. The reason for this was the original keyboard was no longer functioning properly. With that in mind, I had to buy a new keyboard that will have functioning keys. I wanted to make sure that my new keyboard will support the Mac Layout for their keys. This meant the CMD, Option, and Control keys must be in the same position as the original keyboard. The new keyboard was $55 from Amazon.
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Switching to LibreOffice

On 24th of January, 2024, I have chosen to switch to LibreOffice. The choice for this is pretty simple, and that is cross platform compatibility. Any document that I would be writing and editing on a regular basis will be saved as an .odt file. Files that will not be edited in the future (such as letters to correspondences) will be exported to .pdf file. With that being said, LibreOffice seems to make it easy for exporting to .pdf files. I have yet to try this out, but will do so later in the day.

In reality, I would have prefer to use Adobe Acrobat, but I am not sure of support for text templates, and I couldn’t figure out how to create a .pdf document. With that in mind, it would be hard to justify the $240 annual fee that Adobe Acrobat has. LibreOffice can be installed on Linux, MacOS, and Windows PC which is almost any computer’s OS that is available. This might mean that someone would need to download the suite which is free, but that would be the extent of it. This issue is the reason of why I would have preferred using Acrobat. Most OSes will read .pdf files without any extra software.

This is by no means a review of LibreOffice as I hadn’t had the ability to use it enough as of yet, but I will consider writing a review in a month or two. With that being said, I will likely not use Apple Pages for future documents unless I am completely dissatisfied with LibreOffice.

Can’t Recommend .TEL Domains

For those that know me may find this as odd. I have 2 .TEL domains, and make use of both of them. However, I acquired a new .TEL domain, and I can’t seem to be able to use it as TEL Names hadn’t added the domain to my control panel. The way it is supposed to work is you register a .TEL domain with your preferred registrar. You setup a TEL Names account, and at worse, you have to let support know that you need them to add the domain to your control panel. This is where the problem I have is at.

In late November 2023, I registered a .TEL Domain. I have tried to contact support with request of adding the new domain, and there has been no response. In a matter of fact, sending email to both support addresses were bouncing back. On December 12, I have manage to send email to 1 of the support addresses, but I still have yet to hear from them. I will likely keep the .TEL Domains I currently own, and advertise, but will not acquire any new ones even if I get this problem resolved. This is not something I would want to recommend, but to be practical, and honest – it is my true recommendation.

Apple to Support RCS

A number of tech blogs has reported that Apple will support RCS sometime in 2024. I am guessing this will be about the time they will roll out the iPhone 16 lineup. This is a good thing, and wished they would do so sooner. With Apple supporting RCS, this can encourage carriers to drop SMS/MMS services as these are very legacy services, and been around since 2G services. I would imagine that even though many of the features found in iMessage is also in RCS, that Apple will still make SMS/RCS messages with a green bubble, therefore keeping the “Blue Bubble” for iOS users.

For those that don’t know, RCS is Rich Communication Services, and is supported by all three of the major carriers in the United States. This will allow longer messages, better multi-media transfer, read receipts, and typing indicators. Yes, I know – Apple always had these features in iMessage, but iMessage is not supported on Android devices, and an iOS exclusive. Universal Profile for RCS does not support encryption yet, but from what I read in tech blogs, Apple will work with GSMA to provide support for encryption.

As for support on the individual level, if you have an Android phone with the Google Messages, you likely already support RCS. You can communicate with other Android users, and use data instead of SMS/MMS channels. For those worried about data – a standard text message across RCS will consume about 500bytes (1,000,000 bytes = 1MB). Obviously, multimedia will consume more data, but this will be expected, and the image file will not be degraded as it is now when using MMS.

I would really hope that Apple rolls out support for RCS sooner than later. Again, from what I read, they will support it sometime in 2024. My guess is they already have the code written, and just holding out. I would truly doubt RCS support will allow iPhone users to leave as I am confident that there will still be the different color bubbles.

Pager App

A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded the pager app from AMC Logic LTD. The reason for this is I wanted a virtual pager service. Yes, I know – most people will consider pagers as relics of the ’90s or is used by drug dealers. However, in my instance, it is going to be used for a completely different purpose. The app was simple to install, and is only available for iOS. Why there isn’t an Android version, I would not know. When downloading the pager app, I was able to find the CAP code, and provided that number to Pagers Direct which in a day provided me with a local pager number. Read more “Pager App”


Earlier this morning, I droppedĀ The reason of this choice was simple. I am not on Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, or most other networks. I have an page, and I have a Twitter account. The page rarely gets any updates, and technically not a social network. As for Twitter, I use it mainly with businesses I am associated with, but could probably write more on that network than what I already do. With that in mind, I didn’t see a point in having an entire subdomain dedicated to Twitter. I also don’t see me joining any other social networks, so it would have likely been just Twitter. Read more “Dropped”

RIP iPod Touch

A few days ago, my last iPod touch has started to act badly. After a number of ways to try to extend it, I decided that nothing will work. I was able to reset the iPod so none of my personal files should be on the iPod. However, this has a significant issue that I am now using my iMac to play my music library. Thankfully, the music will continue to play when the PC is in sleep mode. This makes life easier as I can have the screen off, and just play the music. One good note is that the iMac has an 3.5mm audio jack for speakers. I am using the old speakers from the iPod for the computer. This is because it is cheaper to replace a pair of desk speakers, than the integrated speakers in the iMac. Read more “RIP iPod Touch”

Why No iPhone 15 for Me

In the third week of September 2023, the iPhone 15 series came out and available to those that pre-ordered it. I am sure that right now, I could go into an Apple Store, and buy the latest and greatest of iPhones. However, I will not be doing that, and there are a few reasons as to why not. In reality, I wouldn’t mind having the newest, but it is not a necessity. With that said, I have to be a big boy, and tell myself NO! Read more “Why No iPhone 15 for Me”

Wrangler Cargo Pants

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a pair of Wrangler Cargo Pants from Amazon. The reason for this is I wanted pants with more pockets. One of the reasons of this is my phone goes in one of my pockets, and nothing else. Considering I don’t put anything valuable in the back pockets – this left me with one pocket left for everything else. This forced me to have to go in and out of my back pack just to do basic errands. Read more “Wrangler Cargo Pants”

Changes in Fasting Again

For those that know me, or read my blog, you would know that I was fasting 2 times a week. Before my fasting, I weighed 290lbs. When I was weighed after fasting back in early May 2023, I now weigh 273lbs which is a 17lb difference. While I am proud of myself, I want to lose more weight. With that being said, I am deciding on fasting from 2 days a week to 3 days a week. Obviously, I will still eat 4 days a week, but my days of fasting will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This is obviously a 50% increase in the number of days, but I am hoping to lose an average of 2.5lbs a week. I still do not have a scale, so I can not see my progress, but I will hope to continue one, and make it work out. Read more “Changes in Fasting Again”